Principal Message

Nursing occupies the largest bulk of the health care force. Healthcare industry is transforming itself day by day. The professional nurse provides holistic care with compassion, empathy and respect for clients, dignity while educating them to achieve maximum level of health. She also participates in those activities contributing to prevention of illness and promotion of health.

Therefore it is necessary to educate nurses in the context of sound educational principles. As a Science, Nursing is based on scientific knowledge which is expanding, ever changing and diversifying into specialty areas.

The opportunities for a nurse are varied and limitless. A new professional nurse may choose between clinical practice, education, research, management, administration, occupational and industrial nursing. The horizon has expanded widely abroad with never ending staff shortage in Western countries, European and Middle East countries not ignoring the demands "at home".

There are opportunities for them to become independent practitioners and clinical nurse specialists. A nurse's role in future will undergo rapid changes especially in the corporatized health care industry. They will become career information navigators, interpreters of health related matters, decision making facilitators, managers, customer custodians, patients empowerers, critical thinkers, and info mediators who will guide patients apart from being the traditional care givers.

In tune with specialization in medical science, nursing education has moved further to specialty such as Cardiovascular Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Neonatal Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Oncology Nursing, etc., to mention a few.

The board of management of Baba Moni Ji Maharaj College of Nursing is committed to improvement of standards of nursing education and was launched in 2007.

We at Baba Moni Ji College strive to achieve Quality in education while ensuring overall development of the students. We also recognize the importance of providing a supportive and simulative learning environment using innovative teaching & learning strategies and technological advances.
Mrs. Bhagyalaxmi N
Principal, College of Nursing

Our Mission

The mission of the college is to serve as a national model for transforming the health of rural underserved regions through excellence and innovation in nursing education, leadership, research, scholarship and practice.

Our Vision

Baba Moni Ji Maharaj College of Nursing will be nationally recognized for innovative programs in nursing education and collaborative, interdisciplinary partnerships that improve the way health care is provided in rural underserved communities.

Our Values

The BMJM College of Nursing believes:
  • All people should be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion.
  • Caring relationships are the core of nursing practice.
  • The profession of nursing contributes to the health and well-being of individuals, families, organizations and communities.
  • High-quality education, which includes both face-to-face and online learning, transforms lives.
  • Students should be prepared to actively participate in a global community.
  • Nursing practice and education should occur in a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Our tradition of service learning, community engagement and leadership provides a model for transforming the health of the region, nation and the world.
  • Knowledge development and dissemination are our responsibility and commitment.
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