Class Rooms are well arranged with well furnished equipments, Tables and Chairs. Every class room has its own LCD and over head projector for effective teaching and has enough space


At BMJM College there is a large collection of latest nursing books, medical books, journals, nursing and health care magazines. Library also includes books on various other categories & subjects. Besides books & magazines library is stocked with audio & video CD’s. As the library is considered to be the brain of the institute, at BMJM College a well stocked, excellent library with efficient and effective information retrieval system within the reach at convenient time is provided. The library is having a vast collection of technical journals and periodicals relating to relevant subjects. It is well equipped with Reference Books, Periodicals, Research Journals and Magazines of International standards in the area of academic subjects. The Library is also equipped with Electronic Journals and Educational CDs. To make the library responsive to the needs of the students, their advice and suggestions are incorporated in the functioning of the library.


Computer lab consists of computers with high technology of Wi-Fi. It has adequate ventilation, lighting and comfort settings for easily access by students. It is connected by inverter during unavailable current period. It will encourage the students to touch with world in hand by modified internet facility.


Anatomy lab is the most important lab in nursing labs. It consists of Human skeleton, bones, Organ models, specimens and charts. It creates to gain knowledge about Human organs in excellent way.


Nursing Foundations Lab is the basic lab in art of nursing sciences. It exposes all equipments which are used for giving care to patients in practical way. It will guide the students to improve knowledge and to assess the patient care effectively and efficiently.


Nutrition is essential to maintain human optimal health. The nurses play an important role in diet planning towards effective care of the patient. The nutritional lab is the laboratory where the students can learn and prepare the normal and therapeutic diet with help of cooking materials which can be applied in the community as well as hospital.


MCH lab is the laboratory where the students can learn the basic skills of maternal and child health care. It contains various instruments, models and maternal charts to practice the conduction of labour. The aim is to achieve excellent and basic knowledge related to mother and child heath before getting expose to hospital and community area.


It is designed for the students to develop skills in primary care for the individuals, families and groups at both urban & rural settings. Lab provides drugs for managing and treating minor health problems. It provides facilities for the students to practice skills related to Community Health Nursing.


Here is a separate well furnished hostel with accommodation for more than 100 nursing students having all facilities in the hospital campus only. Accommodation for 2 students per room with attached toilet, Bed, Mattresses & study table with chair is provided in each room. Security arrangements are strictly maintained round the clock in the hostel and the college premises.

Special attention is paid towards keeping the students happy and healthy. Special efforts are made to develop good habits, discipline and cultured behavior among the students. The College has well maintained hostel with mess in a homely atmosphere is a virtual home for students. The attached mess takes care of the student’s meals. The proper diet chart is maintained and the emphasis is given on hygienic atmosphere to keep students healthy.


Dining room is spacious, well ventilated and hygienic with adequate tables, chairs, water cooler with purifier, refrigerator, heating facilities and the hand washing facilities which is attached to big well equipped kitchen.


The college has its own fleet of buses that ply to and from various vantage points in the city. The buses are available to facilitate easy travel for the students and staff residing outside the college campus.

For the convenience of students and faculties staying off-campus, BMJM has a fleet of buses that ferry them to and fro. The buses traverse the city and suburbs and routes are planned with a vivid vision to provide maximum convenience even as they meet students study schedules.


The canteen of the college is always full of activity and youthful energy. The students love to hang out here because of the spacious, hygienic and comfortable atmosphere and moreover the delicious food cooked by our expert and seasoned cooks. The students need not worry about their health because only the best quality of ingredients is used in the food. The management is a firm believer in providing a wholesome and balanced nutrition and a clean environment.

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