Our Conduct and Discipline

  •  Students are responsible to the Principal for their behavior, both in and outside the campus.
  •  Students should maintain silence in the classes, library, reading room and in the corridors.
  •  Student should make every effort to take care of the college and hospital property and help in maintaining the same. They should not write on the black board, nor scribble on tables, chairs and walls.
  •  Any willful damage done to the property of the college and hospital will be treated as breach of discipline.
  •  If a student is in need to get leave from the college or hospital in the middle of the day, for any emergency, he/she should get sanction from the class coordinator and a letter to that effect must be produced from the parent or guardian.
  •  Students are required to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the University, College, Hospital and Hostel authorities.
  •  Violating the rules will be dealt with disciplinary action according to the discretion of the college authorities and if necessary dismissal from the college may be considered depending upon the seriousness of the violation.
  •  If the students have any problem, they should inform the class representative and the class representative will intimate it to the class coordinators. If the problem is not solved at the class coordinator’s level, then the class coordinator will present it to the Principal. No students should by-pass the above mentioned channels. Exceptions are allowed only if the problem is utmost urgent/serious.
  •  Students are required to maintain ethical and professional standards in behavior both in and outside the college, hospital, hostel and community premises.
  •  Regular and punctual attendance in all class activities like lectures, demonstrations, practical, clinical teaching, tutorials, tests etc is a must.
  •  All decisions taken by the Principal are final and binding on the students.
  •  Parents / guardians are advised to meet the Principal as and when called for.
  •  Both the parents and guardians are required to furnish their specimen signatures in the presence of class teacher at the beginning of every academic year.
  •  Rules are subject to change from time to time.
  •  Ragging is totally banned within or outside the Institution. Ragging is a criminal offense as per Supreme Court and the Central/State Government Directives. Anyone found guilty on curbing the menace of ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009.
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